SHOT Show 2015 - Day 1

Hey guys! We are moving as fast as we can to visit as many booths as possible for you at SHOT Show 2015. Please check back when you can for updates!

Some great stuff coming from the Boston based company Ops-Core that caught my eye was the Worm Dial that allows shooters to go prone without any interference from the tightening device. And the Lux Liner which adds a more comfortable fit for users. If the pads get wet or sweaty, they can be simply removed and squeezed dry.

Team Wendy
Had a great chat with the guys at Team Wendy leaned a bit about where they come from and some of their new products. Dan T. Moore named the company as a memorial to his daughter Wendy, who passed away from a traumatic brain injury following a snow-skiing accident. While I think their helmets look great, they said that their primary focus is on safety.

The boltless system that 3M is using reduces secondary projectiles.

Tac Wear
One of the nice surprises was finding some fellow Ontarians! Tac Wear based out of Whitby, Ontario carries lots of great uniforms utilizing Cool Max technology which I have been a big fan of in the past. Nice to see Ontario has access to some high performance wicking gear!

The booth that really caught my eye, and I think lines up pretty well with Ontario Geardo this morning, was the Proforce Equipment booth. Lots of great camping and survival gear. I'll most likely be going back in the coming days because there is so much I want to see!

This year Camelbak has redesigned their entire military line. New technology like the lumbar reservoir puts the weight of your water on your hips. Composite MOLLE is also a pretty huge part of their new line. If my HAWG ever falls apart, which is unlikely, it's good to know that there are some sweet new options!

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