SHOT Show 2015 - Day 2

Hey guys! We are moving as fast as we can to visit as many booths as possible for you at SHOT Show 2015. Please check back when you can for updates!

If you run into trouble in the backcountry and have exhausted all ways to get help, ACR will get you the help you need at the push of a button. Your signal goes out to a satellite and will let Search and Rescue know you need help. A nice new feature for the MS2000 is that there is now a gentle vibration when the strobe is activated so you don't give away your position when the IR shield is on. 

Juggernaut Tactial

Spoke with Kingston and was happy to find that .22LR versions of the Garand and M1A will hopefully be available in Canada later this year!

Saw some awesome new products from Survive Outdoors Longer (SOL) like their K9 first-aid kits and urban survival kits. I took one of their emergency bivy bags into the Grand Canyon on the weekend and it's so light that I didn't even notice it in my bag. Great kit. 

Lots of great survival options from UST. The one demonstration that I hope to have up on YouTube shortly is their Wetfire starting kits. I watched them place tinder in the water, light it, and saw it burn in a bowl of water for a few minutes. Having tried making fires in the snow unsuccessfully in the past, I will definitely be keeping these guys on the radar. 

Mystery Ranch
Had a nice long chat with the guys at Mystery Ranch. Look for a candid look at their process, their work with the SEALs, and their history in an upcoming YouTube video.

One of the biggest booths we visited today was Surefire. It was a great opportunity to see their flashlights, headlamps, magazines and their earpro. OTTO also had their H3 headset on display with their noise-reducing filter that controls ambient sound with the flip of a switch.

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