SHOT Show 2015 - Day 4

Hey guys! We are moving as fast as we can to visit as many booths as possible for you at SHOT Show 2015. Please check back when you can for updates!

Tactical Night Vision Company
I'll be completely honest with you guys. I don't know much about NODs, but I know you guys like pictures of it, so here it is!

Blue Water / Yates

Daniel Defense
One of the most interesting things I saw at the booth was the torture test they did with Larry Vickers. They took the gun, blew it up, dragged it behind trucks and submerged it in mud over night. It still seemed to shoot after that! Pretty impressive stuff.

ADS Inc.
Something that caught my eye was the new layering system they had to show. PCU is a fantastic system but it is not fire resistant. Which means that if you get into trouble, your outerwear melts onto you. So, agencies end up buying two sets of clothing which doesn't really make sense. Dismounted Fire Resistant Environmental Ensemble (FREE) will fill that gap and will cost $1,500 for everything. Also, I got to speak to the one and only Guy Cramer. Apparently there will be a commercial off the shelf version of his light bending fabric this year. THIS YEAR! It won't be IR treated, but that's cool in my books. Hopefully he delivers!

Lewis Machine & Tool

Springfield Armory

Crye Precision

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