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March 2012
44° 59' 43.4" N, 79° 50' 7.4" W

My camping buddy Matthias and I were planning on trying winter camping this year, but unfortunately winter never showed up. So I dragged my heels in regards to making any camping plans. Fortunately, when Matthias (being the proactive guy that he is) gave me a call and said that we had to do some March camping, I was down.

When we started looking, none of the Ontario Parks were fully open. Unfortunately for us, what Matthias found, after making a few calls, was that all of the Yurts were already reserved. We had success at Moon River in November, so we figured Crown Land camping would be a solid choice. And then we thought back to our last trip, and as fun as it was trying to find a suitable place for a tent in the dark, we decided to wake up early on a Saturday instead of driving up after work on a Friday.

ORC PCU level 4 - First Impressions

After doing a bit of digging around, I thought it might be interesting to check out the level 4 windshirt. I wasn't completely convinced that I needed one, or had any use for one, since the level 5 is also an excellent windshirt. Being the geardo that I am, though, I caved...and contacted ORC to place an order.

They have two windshirts available: the PCU (Block 0) version, and the MCU (Block 1) version. The PCU windshirt is made with the Epic Praetorian fabric by Nextec, has a half zip and is water resistant. The MCU is made with Ecology by Brookwood, has a full zip and is also water resistant. I liked the idea of having a full zip, which would make taking it on and off easier. As well, the introduction of ripstop was appealing, but after reading a review on the Military Morons site, I read that the finish on the MCU had almost a satin-like finish to it. I wasn't too interested in that, so I decided to order the PCU.