Leatherman MUT

I get it, you like the idea of buying the Leatherman Military Utility Tool (MUT) that is specifically designed for the M16/AR15 platform, you like the idea that it was designed by some SFCs from the Army Marksmanship Unit at Ft Benning, and that it was field tested in Iraq and Afghanistan for two years before its release… but it sells for about $160USD. You would rather get something else like some fancy mag pouches with kydex inserts, or a new daypack because even though you already have two, you’ve realized that when you’re wearing them it looks like you’re about to kick a door and that you probably need a regular looking day pack. Trust me, I get it. Picture this though, you’ve pulled up to the range to zero the new laser or optic you got in the mail and you realize that you’re drawing a lot of attention because you’re a geardo and your rifle looks like you might have stolen it out of Garand Thumb’s Pelican case when he wasn’t looking. You step to the line, load a mag, chamber a round, flip the safety, fire a group as tight as possible and surprise surprise, you need to make an adjustment. Now you’re the guy with the expensive mag pouches trying to figure out if a dime will fit in the adjustment screws.