First Impressions: Perroz Designs Hearing Protection Headband Cover

A few months ago, I was lucky enough to get some swag from Perroz Designs to test out. One of the products I got was the Hearing Protection Headband Cover in Multicam. I wrapped the 500D around my Peltor 6S earpro and it was not surprisingly a perfect fit. One thing that I noticed immediately is that unlike the photos on Perroz’s website, my version had two 1” Velcro squares on either side. Great place to put reflective or IR patches! 

For me, a piece like this is very much about form than it is about function. The only time I would need my earpro is at the range where camouflage is not at all necessary. If blending in is necessity for you, then you’re in luck because Perroz makes them in 10 different patterns from AOR1 to CADPAT TW. All the patterns options come in 500 Denier Cordura which should be tough enough to live through whatever punishment you decide to put your earpro through. After throwing the cover, with two IR squares on my scale, it came in at around 1/16th of a pound, or 28 grams. You aren’t going to notice the weight difference.

A nice touch is that the inside of the cover is made with spacer mesh. While I’ve never really found that the top of my head becomes uncomfortable or sweaty. It’s obviously a lot softer than the rigid Peltor band and adds a bit of padding. I suppose if I got into some more aggressive dynamic shooting drills it could come in handy. I’ve used the headband cover a few times now on the range and to be completely honest, I’ve not noticed a difference when wearing it, but I suppose that’s the point. Changing your thick black band to a disruptive pattern shouldn’t be something that bugs you or hinders performance. So the fact that I couldn’t tell the difference speaks to the simplicity of the design. So for $25, if a camouflage headband is what you need, and if buying some high quality kit from a great Canadian company is high on your priority list, the Perroz headband cover definitely gets my thumbs up!

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