Perroz Designs Reflective DFQ Patch

With the recent news of the requirements of headlamps and reflective PT belts or strobes for GORUCK events, I figure it’d be good to pass along the info that a few of you have requested in regards to the reflective DFQ (Don't Fucking Quit) patch that I wore during class 981 in Toronto. The patch is made with high quality cordura with the option of pretty much every camo pattern available from Multicam to Kryptek Madrake. DFQ is laser cut, and has a reflective backing.
Update! 11/12/14
Perroz Designs had provided me with an updated gen3 version of the patch. It is a little thicker and reduces the amount of curling that I noticed with the gen2 version. I personally haven't noticed any problems with the adhesive used on my gen3 patch, but I noticed it with my gen2, as well as some of my buddies.

Also, I was notified through the GRT Facebook page that there is a DFQ patch where part of the cost of the patch went to Erik Kling's medical bills. I was not aware of such a patch, nor do I want to take away from any of the GORUCK community's efforts. I heard that the patch might be in production again and will be found on Skymall.


I did notice that when wet it would curl a bit on the sides when I put it on the bicep pocket of my softshell. The photo below is obviously an extreme case of what it looks like after getting wet as it dried on a table without being stuck to anything. Most importantly I never noticed it curl to the point that it interfered with the reflective properties of the patch, and it's easy to just bend it back into shape. If you stick it on a hat or your GR1, which is much more rigid than the sleeve of my jacket, it should be fine. I have been in contact with Perroz Designs, the producer of the patch, and they are currently working on a gen3 model which will address the issue of curling. As well, an option of a completely reflective printed patch instead of cordura may be in the works as well.

My recommendation is to wait until Milan at Perroz irons out all the kinks since the current price is $30 **update - Price is now $20** . However if you can’t wait and want it right now, you can order your patch by emailing Perroz at The DFQ patch template is something that I designed based on the GORUCK logo. If you mention this blog "Ontario Geardo" in your email when you make your order, the guys at Perroz will use the vector file that I supplied them with at no additional cost. I am not making any money from this whatsoever, but for the use of my design, please consider making a donation to one of the following organizations below, or any organization that you feel fitting. It’s not at all mandatory to make a donation, but if you do decide to give some money to please let me know what organization you chose as I’m interested to know which charities you guys endorse. As well I'm always looking for good places to give back.

Stay safe!

Green Beret Foundation
Wounded Warrior Project


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