One Shot Tactical Store

It was 10 years ago that One Shot Tactical Store first opened its doors. A few weeks ago, we made the hike from Toronto to Trenton to wish the OSTS team happy birthday. I had never been to the shop before, but I’ve certainly frequented their website to make purchases over the years. They were one of the first Canadian shops that I knew of to carry tactical products whose inventory mirrored many of the American sites I liked. The bonus was that I was able to support a local Canadian business and, of course, there were massive savings in shipping. From a professional standpoint, the store is strategically located near CFB Trenton, home of JTF2 (once they finish moving).

When we got to the store, I wasn’t expecting to see all of the paddling equipment, which didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me at the time. It’s only one part of the store, mind you; I soon found myself digging through Blue Force Gear, and HSGI TACO pouches. In the back of the store are some glass displays filled with edged weapons, and a pretty impressive collection of black rifles and handguns.

While we were admiring the Knight’s Armament collection, Darren Cole, the owner, walked over to see how we were doing. He offered us some cake, and then generously spent the time to walk us though his store. We chatted about the changes in the industry now that the war is over and what that means for sales. During the war, they were selling a plate carrier a day, where as now, they might be selling one every month.

One of the things he found interesting was looking at the orders that people were making, because they weren’t simply focused around just tactical gear or just outdoor gear. People were buying a whole range of products, from mag pouches to paddles. It was then that it became very clear to me why the store was so diverse and unlike any other tactical store I had ever been to. A lot of the military and law enforcement customers that come in also enjoy spending time outdoors, so making OSTS a one stop shop make sense. That said, OSTS is set up in a way that can easily transition back to primarily tactical gear, should Canada find itself involved in another war. However, if Darren’s Instagram account is any indicator, the paddling inventory will always have a spot in the store. It’s the opinion of this geardo, who likes military gear as much as spending time in the great outdoors, is that any store that caters to two of my favourite hobbies is just fine with me.


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