Leatherman MUT

I get it, you like the idea of buying the Leatherman Military Utility Tool (MUT) that is specifically designed for the M16/AR15 platform, you like the idea that it was designed by some SFCs from the Army Marksmanship Unit at Ft Benning, and that it was field tested in Iraq and Afghanistan for two years before its release… but it sells for about $160USD. You would rather get something else like some fancy mag pouches with kydex inserts, or a new daypack because even though you already have two, you’ve realized that when you’re wearing them it looks like you’re about to kick a door and that you probably need a regular looking day pack. Trust me, I get it. Picture this though, you’ve pulled up to the range to zero the new laser or optic you got in the mail and you realize that you’re drawing a lot of attention because you’re a geardo and your rifle looks like you might have stolen it out of Garand Thumb’s Pelican case when he wasn’t looking. You step to the line, load a mag, chamber a round, flip the safety, fire a group as tight as possible and surprise surprise, you need to make an adjustment. Now you’re the guy with the expensive mag pouches trying to figure out if a dime will fit in the adjustment screws. 

Ok fine, you probably have a flathead with you, and you could just buy all the equivalent tools and cram them all into your range bag. However, odds are one day you’ll probably forget some of them on your work table at home plus your bag will be filled with 16 tools when you could get away with just one tucked away neatly in a MOLLE pouch. This efficiency is even more important for those in uniform where ounces make pounds. Or for those who need to cut something like barbed wire or a seatbelt quickly without digging through a pouch for the right tool. 

While the MUT has a tool to remedy immediate issues like a bolt override, I feel as though where the MUT will be most valuable is during maintenance. Using the replaceable bronze carbon scraper on your BCG will prevent premature wear, and using the well selected 7/64 hex bit for mounting or adjusting optics will be nice to have at the ready. It has a disassembly punch that you can remove from the MUT and then hit with the hammer tool to knock out the take down pins on your AR if your pins are especially stubborn. There are also few spots to screw in OTIS cleaning rods to make a T handle which is a nice touch, but a feature I’ll probably never use. 

The bronze carbon scraper is designed not to damage your BCG during the cleaning process.

You could just pull out the retaining pin with your fingers like a normal person, but if you have the MUT, now you can do it in style.

Personally, I think that while there might be only a small chance I’d need to use the cutting hook on a seatbelt, there is more of a chance that I’d end up cutting my finger with that tool. Yes, you can seat one of the accessory bits to partially block the blade, but for those needing that tool in a hurry, that’s an extra step and the blade is still partially exposed. If you were to keep this in your pant pocket using the clip, which has fantastic retention by the way, your pinky finger would end up in the cutting hook area which is not something I want to worry about when reaching for a tool, so it’s probable that I’ll take the blade off. 

There are some typical multitool features like the knife and saw which are easily deployed using one hand, as well as wire cutters, wire crimpers and of course the pliers. Also, after watching one of Leatherman’s promo videos, I saw that they had some people clipping the MUT to their bags using the carabiner which is something I’d never trust with such an expensive tool, but I imagine I’ll use it to open a few beers here and there. 

Did I cut a random fence for this review? No, but you could if you wanted to!

I know that I might be over thinking it, but I just don't like having an exposed blade. It's hard to get and angle on this, but my pinky finger is right in the seatbelt cutter. If you zoom in on the fence cutting photo above, you can see the blade in more detail.

If you have stubborn take down pins, you the MUT has a tool and hammer to get the job done.

I’ve used and owned a number of multitools throughout the years, but none as useful as the MUT. While it shines for those who own and operate AR15s, it also has a place for every day use with all the different screwdriver heads, the knife and the pliers. And let’s be honest here, the MUT looks really cool. The flat black finish, and all the AR specific tools makes this a really stylish and practical piece to have. You’ve likely put thousands into your firearms, why not upgrade your multitool and simplify your range bag? Do yourself a favour and stop stripping your screws using that borrowed hex bit that only kinda fits, use the bronze carbon scraper and stop wearing down your BCG, and don’t be that guy that needs to borrow a flathead to adjust your PEQ15 at the range. You’ve probably put thousands into firearms if you’re reading this, you might as well spend the money and get the right tool for the job. Stay safe out there, geardos!

If you don't feel like smashing your buttstock on the ground, you can use the MUT's bolt override tool.

Don't be that guy. Bring a multitool to the range. 


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