GORUCK Selection Kit List with Stony Smith 014

The first time I met Stony was during my first Challenge, Class 524 in Toronto. I had read on another blog that he had done the Challenge the year before, and I saw the video he made of the creation of our team weight. This guy was dedicated. During the event he was quiet, except for when someone needed help. He was always willing to assist the team by carrying someone’s ruck or to lend a hand. I imagined he knew what we had in store, but instead of spoiling the surprise, he just let us experience the Challenge fresh.

Fast forward a few years, he’s still the same friendly guy. He still comes out to Challenges (Class 659 video, Class 1571 video), and works with people to help them through the events. Except now he has a glorious face forest, and his muscles are a bit bigger. When I asked him if he would mind doing a segment with me about his gear, he didn’t bat an eye. Always willing to share, and always down for telling a good story. We need more guys like Stony. Damn Skippy!

*Note - There will be another video coming out Saturday morning that will outline some of his ruck and boot modifications and what he wore during the challenge. Follow my page on Facebook, and you'll know exactly when it comes out. 

Kit List
-Condor Tactical Belt
-Condor Battle Belt, small
-Condor Utility Pouch
-PT belt, Green –safety First!
-Mechanics Gloves, 1 pair –cut open finger tips
-Petzl Tikka+ headlamp, one set extra batteries (3 AA)
-Red flashing strobe light –Broke, used Chemical lights
-One Contractor bag
-Small dry bag
-Knee sleeves
-CADPAT Boonie Hat for keeping the sun off my delicate skin
-Tac Hat
-Sun screen
-Emergency Blanket
-Moleskin kit and tape.
-Extra mouth piece for bladder
-ID, cash
-Small amount of Duct tape, enough to wrap around my boot multiple times
-Wrist wraps and 2 cinch straps
-2 Source bladders
-Nalgene bottle
-25lb steel plate, 5lb weight plate

-20L dry bag, Containing...
-2 pair of socks, Darn Tough and winter weight Smart Wool hiking socks (glorious)
-Neoprene gloves
-3/4 length, windbreaker rain coat (Mountain Hard Wear)
-extra Tan Shirt
-Merino Wool Toque Eh!
-Under Armour Fitted Cold Gear top
-Salomon Running shoes
-Black PT shorts

What I wore for most of the event
-Under Armour Boxer Jock 9”
-Darn Tough Socks boot cut, doubled over at the top –filters the sand out
-Columbia Silver Ridge Cargo pants
-Under Armour Heat Gear loose fitting top.
-Rocky RLW, with modified drain holes
-My number 14 tan shirt.
-Various D-rings, Carabineers, chains, and clips. 

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Video and editing by: Jeremy Meuris


  1. Awesome. Great video, Mike. Thanks Stony!

  2. Awesome video, and even better breakdown!

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